“La remor del mar a l'alba i una platja plena d'algues que aniran assecant-se al sol. El gust salat de les roques i el vol tranquil de les poques gavines que entren al port. Les barques que al matí tornen, les xarxes que en el moll dormen i ells vells carrers empedrats. L'església humil i menuda i entre la boira, perduda llunyana y grisa, la ciutat. Em parlen de Marta...” Marta - Joan Manuel Serrat

I have always felt attracted to the sea, it makes me feel happiness, admiration, fascination, respect and a mixture of fear and deep calm. I don’t know if this attraction is due to the child memories I have there or that my mind needs these feelings that it transmits to me... the movement of the waves, the smell of salt, the breeze on the skin and walkings along the beach early in the morning, with your feet under crystalline water with small fishes swimming between your legs while you pick up shells and sea snails...

This collection is one of the most personal I've done and for this reason it's called Marta.

Part of the benefits of this Marta Collection will go to Cram, a foundation for the conservation and recovery of marine animals, that since 1994 have been working to protect the marine environment and all species that live in the Mediterranean.