Flor de Lotus

I created my Lotus Flower collection on 2008 inspired by the symbolism of this flower and the influence it had in Ancient Egypt. 

The lotus flower was one of the most important symbols in the ancient Egyptian religion. Called as “seshen”, the flower was a symbol of Upper Egypt and represented creation and rebirth.

It was considered a symbol of rebirth and recreation since it closes its petals at night and opens them back again in the morning.

This is also the reason why the lotus flower was associated with the dead entering the underworld to be reborn there. There is a legend in Egyptian mythology which suggests that the sun rose out of a lotus flower while another one suggests that a lotus flower came out of the endless ocean “Nun” and gave birth to the Egyptian god of sun when it bloomed.

In ancient Egypt, sexuality was also interconnected with creation; they commonly represented this with the lotus flower. Since it was thought to be a token of fertility, women were often portrayed with flowers, expressing their sexual desire and fertility.

Here’s a sensual poem that inspired me to connect the Lotus Flower symbolism to fertility and feminity.

O my god, my lotus flower! . . .
It is lovely to go out and . . .
I love to go and bathe before you.
I allow you to see my beauty
in a dress of the finest linen,
drenched with fragrant unguent.
I go down into the water to be with you
and come up to you again with a red fish,
looking splendid on my fingers.
I place it before you . . .
Come! Look at me!
Inspired in the beauty of women, the power of feminity, the essence of sensuality and sexuality. The magic of life creation.